Exhibition Stand

From the first idea and sparring to construction and execution, we will design, project manage and deliver your new trade fair stand.
We always put your product at the center through a unique presentation of your brand position, through knowledge of your customers’ behaviour and the latest trends in customer experience.
The Process

Thorough and
long-term solutions

Mindspace is both your strategic partner during the development of your solution and at the same time your supplier of exhibition stands, showrooms and shop-in-shop. You can also choose us as a supplier of onsite support during exhibition fairs, and we can be your warehouse hotel between exhibition fairs. Our customers themselves choose the level of involvement from us through all stages, and the elements in the process can be selected when it fits in with the customer’s process and activities.

Process clarification
During this stage, we will discuss the desired outcome and agree with you on how much involvement you will require throughout the process.
Design collaboration
We can carry out an internal workshop at your premises, where we will analyse your brand identity and other other visual aspects and future activities of the company. From these findings, visual sketches and design clarification will then be prepared.
Manufacturing and installation
The solution is tailored and manufactured for you, and the process is secured through effective project management. We will install your trade fair stand on site - and also take it down after the trade fair.
Presence during the exhibition
You can choose for us to be available during the running of the fair in relation to both digital and technical solutions of the stand.
Logistics partner
We will handle the logistics and ship your goods securely across countries and continents.
Warehouse and web portal
We can store your stand equipment between your trade fair activities, and you can choose to keep track of your goods through an online customer portal.
Together with you, we will review and evaluate your trade fair stand and its data after the trade fair. From the results of the evaluation, we can then discuss, suggest and adjust the stand to make improvements in relation to upcoming trade fairs. With this approach, by evaluating previous data, you will always be able to give your customers an optimal experience.