FiberVisions is the leading global manufacturer of advanced polyolefin fiber solutions headquartered in Denmark. The company has gained recognition for their expertise in creating custom-made fiber systems used in a wide range of industries, including hygiene, textiles, and construction.
FiberVisions is known for their innovative approach to fiber development and their contributions to improving products and processes in the industries they serve. Today, FiberVisions employs more than 200 people at their headquarters in Varde, Denmark and over 500 people globally, with an annual turnover of approximately 1 billion DKK.

FiberVisions’ exhibition booth has been created with a focus on interactivity and a smooth flow of customer traffic. The booth is equipped with advanced interactive screens that allow visitors to delve deeper into FiberVisions’ product range and technology. A projector with speakers is also integrated to showcase presentations and videos with clear and impressive sound. The smart projector system also features a built-in microphone with high-quality audio, giving our customers the opportunity to deliver inspiring speeches about their products.

To ensure an optimal flow of visitors, the booth’s layout is carefully designed with wide aisles and clear pathways that guide visitors through and encourage exploration of FiberVisions’ innovations. A central element in the exhibition is the impressive LED screen, meticulously wrapped around the booth’s structural elements. This creates a stunning visual effect and makes it easy for potential customers to discover FiberVisions’ messages and products from all angles.

FiberVisions’ exhibition stand is not just a place to learn about the company’s solutions but also an experience that engages and impresses the visitors.