Universal Robots

Universal Robots was founded in Denmark in 2005, and is today an international company with 23 offices worldwide. The company develops and delivers advanced robotics technology and was the first company to deliver commercially viable collaborative robots.

The final design concept for Universal Robots is based on a workshop that was held with the participation of their various marketing departments globally.

The task for Mindspace was to streamline the expression globally, and at the same time succeed in taking local wishes and differences into account. The final concept was executed for the first time at Universal Robots’ main exhibition stand of just under 200 square meters in Munich in 2022.

Mindspace continues to help to design a large number of projects for Universal Robots, and also executes and builds a number of the company’s exhibition stands. Mindspace is also a storage hotel for the exhibition stands between exhibitions. Universal Robots’ new global design guide was also a result of their strategic collaboration with Mindspace.

“Throughout the collaboration with Mindspace, we experienced a desire to push the boundaries of what a trade fair exhibition can be. New technologies were explored and the final product was then improved. With Mindspace, we have also had a strong partner to assist us in holding a workshop with all our relevant internal stakeholders to clarify and streamline the brand expression in relation to exhibition fairs.

We recommend choosing to work with Mindspace if you want good sparring on tasks and processes – also outside the exhibition planning itself. The team at Mindspace are professional and at the same time down to earth and pleasant to work with.”

Christian Bo Nissen
Global Event Manager