DFDS is a Danish shipping and logistics company headquartered in Copenhagen. Founded in 1866, the company is now one of Europe’s leading providers of freight and passenger transportation services by sea.
DFDS operates a wide range of routes in Northern Europe and has an extensive network of ships and terminals to serve both cargo and leisure travellers.

DFDS needed an exhibition stand design solution that could be used at various exhibitions around the world. The scalable solution should make it easy for DFDS to adapt to different trade shows while maintaining their branding across events.

A large screen was integrated into the design to showcase videos about the company, grabbing the attention and engaging visitors. The stand was arranged as a combination of a bar, café, and waiting area with an inviting atmosphere to encourage networking.

To provide a more private setting, a secluded meeting room was included in the design where business negotiations could take place in confidentiality. This added versatility to the stand, allowing it to be used for both open networking opportunities and closed meetings.

DFDS’s Nordic heritage was reflected by use of natural materials, a minimalistic design, and a color palette that celebrated the Nordic landscape. This gave the stand an authentic feel and strengthened the company’s identity.

The scalable design solution enabled DFDS to make a strong impression at international exhibitions while maintaining a modern and Nordic aesthetic. The stand served as a successful platform for attracting visitors and conducting business globally.

“We designed a scalable exhibition stand for DFDS so they could meet their desire to exhibit at an exhibition in Munich just one week after their participation in Barcelona. This flexible solution allowed them to adapt the stand to the two different exhibition grounds, yet maintain their brand identidy across both events.
The result was a beautifully crafted exhibition stand that impressed visitors in both Barcelona and Munich.”
– Henrik Westergard , Partner – CSO, Mindspace